Screen fabric – internal
  • Screen Design, Screen Vision, Screen Thermic, Screen Nature, Screen Progress, Koolblack
Screen fabrics – external (also suitable for internal use)
  • Satine 5500, Satine 5501, Natte 4503, Ultravision
Metallised Screen fabrics  – internal
  • Low-E, M-Screen Ultimetal, Screen Nature Ultimetal
Metallised Screen fabrics – external
  • Satine 5500M
Blackout fabrics – internal
  • Kibo 8500, Flocke 11201, Karellis 11301
Blackout fabrics – external (also suitable for internal use)
  • Satine 21154
Acoustic Fabrics
  • Acoustis 50 (See also acoustically transparent Sv10% & Satine 5500

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Screen Fabrics

Screen Vision – Transparent

Balanced basket weaves offering unrivalled transparency with a wide range of openness factor

Screen Vision 1% Screen Vision 3% Screen Vision 5% Screen Vision 10%

Screen Design – Decorative

Decorative and fashionable fabrics available in a multitude of shades and openness  factor

M-Screen 8501 M-Screen 8503 M-Screen 8505 Screen Progress
Natura S-Screen

Screen Thermic – The Technical

Double-sided fabric: a reflective white side facing the glass for optimal protection against heat and a darker side facing inwards to improve transparency and glare control

 S2  1% S2  3% S2 5%

Screen Low E

M-Screen Ultimetal Satine 5500 Low E

Screen Nature

Screen Nature Screen Nature Ultimetal

External Classic – Can also be use to great effect internally

5500 Metal Satine 5500 Satine 5501 Natte 4503

Blackout Fabrics – The Blackout

Privacy at night, confidentiality, elimination of light for optimum projection conditions are all assured with these technical, elegant, decorative with perfect fall lines and 100% opaque fabrics

Flocke 11201 Karellis 11301 Kibo 8500 Satine 21154

Acoustic Fabrics – The acoustic absorbing material

Still unrivalled, the Acoustis® 50 offers simultaneously within a single fabric all the solar protection performance levels of a Mermet® fabric combined with excellent acoustic absorption, reducing echo

Acoustis 50



Screen Vision SV10%



Satine 5500